The schools have gone Solar!

In February we had our first public share offer, which was successful in raising £49,000 from about 50 local investors, to fund solar installations on Balcombe and Turners Hill primary schools. Since then we’ve been pushing hard to get all the contracts and paperwork done 

REPOWERBalcombe enjoy the sun at the Village Fete

At this year’s Balcombe village fete we all enjoyed a lovely warm sunny day.  This was particularly significant for REPOWERBalcombe, as at our pitch we were asking visitors to guess just how much energy the cooperative’s solar panels at Grange Farm would generate between dawn 

£49,000 invested by the local community

We are overjoyed to announce that our first public share offer was a huge success. We launched the offer on the 28th of February and it was massively oversubscribed in under a month, with share applications totalling an excess of £70,000. As we are a 

Successful share offer launch

  On the 28th of February we held an event to launch our latest share offer at Balcombe Church of England Primary School – where we plan to install our next panels. We also held a second event on the 4th of March for anyone